The Pearson Farm Story

Rooted in the red clay of Zenith, Georgia since 1885, we carry a five-generation legacy of growing the finest peaches and pecans in the South. Here at the farm, we are grateful to nurture these orchards that hold our family story, and our passion for growing only strengthens with each harvest season. We value the deep connection formed with our land, our family, and the food we gather. And we want to share that connection with you. Whether it’s the first taste of a freestone peach or the buttery crunch of an Elliot pecan, every bite is a celebration worth sharing. Try some for yourself and taste the straight-from-the-farm difference you will experience at Pearson Farm.

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There is no finer
place in which to live
and work than in the
middle of an orchard.

Lawton Pearson,
5th generation farmer

What we Grow


Our premium Georgia pecans are harvested, shelled, and packed right here on the farm. That means you get freshness and flavor straight from the source. With a rich texture and taste, our pecans deliver valuable health benefits, endless recipe options, and the perfect grab-and-go snack. From in-shell pecans straight from the tree, to decadent creations from our farm kitchen, we have countless ways to share and enjoy such a bountiful harvest.

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A juicy, sweet Georgia peach gives flavor to your summer like nothing else. Our orchards are filled with over forty delicious varieties, each with a distinct color, texture, and sweetness all its own. With roots this deep in the heart of the peach state, we’ve learned to treasure this amazing fruit. That’s why we handpick at just the right time, hand pack the right way, and deliver box after box of gorgeous peach goodness all season.

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Indulge in the exquisite flavors of these Rosemary-Spiced Pecans, a delightful creation by The Perks of Being Us. Crafted with care, these pecans strike the perfect balance between savory and spicy, featuring a carefully selected combination of spices. Follow this easy recipe, and soon, you'll be savoring these aromatic pecans that are perfect for any occasion.

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