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Collection: Signature Natural Pecans

Our Signature Natural Pecans are harvested, cleaned, shelled and bagged by hand on our family farm in Georgia. Enjoy our pecans raw by the handful or use in your favorite pecan recipes

Our premium pecans are hearty and flavorful, and available in a form that fits your needs. We offer natural pecan halves as well as pecan pieces that are chopped and ready for you to use with ease in the kitchen, and come shipped in resealable poly bags.

Our pecans are available year-round, with a new crop being harvested each year from October through April. The new crop will be available for purchase as soon as we can get them in the store each season!

We ship our pecans all over the US, so order your farm-fresh natural pecans to enjoy at home today!

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  • Elliot Natural Pecan Halves
    Natural Elliot Pecan Halves
    Starting at: $9.00
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  • Natural Pecan Pieces
    Natural Pecan Pieces
    Starting at: $15.00
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  • Baker’s Best | Pecan Halves & Pieces
    Baker’s Best | Pecan Halves & Pieces
    Starting at: $70.00
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