We are excited for the 2023 Pecan Season to begin! Natural pecan preorders are now open and shipping dates are listed on each product page. Please note that in-stock items purchased along with preorders will ship when your 2023 natural pecans ship. We are always happy to accommodate specific shipping requests. Please call our Customer Service Department at 888-423-7374 to customize your shipping.

Our Signature Natural Pecans are harvested, cleaned, shelled and then bagged by hand, on our family farm in Georgia. Enjoy our pecans raw, by the handful, or use in one of our favorite pecan recipes. Pearson Farm pecans are hearty, flavorful and available in a form that fits your needs. We offer natural pecan halves as well as pecan pieces that are chopped and ready for you to use with ease in the kitchen. All pecans are shipped in freezer-safe, resealable bags.

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