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Mary began creating her own unique recipes with her husband's fresh peaches and pecans, placing them in beautiful boxes, tins, and baskets to ship as special gifts. Today, we still use many of the same family recipes Mary cooked in her kitchen, along with other delicious treats we have discovered over the years. We ship to customers, family, friends and businesses all over the world. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but we’ll never forget where it all started—in Mary’s Kitchen.

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Born from a love of sharing

As a fourth-generation farmer, Al Pearson spent his days growing peaches and pecans while his wife, Mary, turned the fruits of his labor into delicious cakes, pies, cookies and jellies for her family and friends to enjoy. She loved sharing peaches, pecans and her scrumptious baked goods with friends and neighbors as “housewarming gifts” or special ways to say “thank you.” It's from her passion for sharing that the Pearson Farm Mail Order business was born.

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