$50 and over = FREE SHIPPING

$20.01 - $49.99 = $9.00

$20.00 and Under = $6.00

2nd Day Air Shipping = Calculated at Checkout

Next Day Air Shipping= Please call the farm to place expedited orders.

Shipping rate is calculated by order subtotal per shipping address.

Pearson Farm ships via UPS from our farm to your door Monday through Friday of each week, with the exception of US Holidays. Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air shipping refers to the time in transit after it has left our farm. This time in transit does not include weekends or holidays.

**We try our best to accommodate last minute changes to orders; however, once an order has been processed, we cannot make changes. If you need to change an order, please call our Customer Service Team at 888-723-7374 as soon as possible. Please note there could be additional shipping charges incurred.

ALASKA and HAWAII: We do ship our products to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact the farm to place orders shipping to these states.

CALIFORNIA and ARIZONA: We are unable to ship our fresh Georgia Peaches or In-shell Pecans to California or Arizona due to agricultural regulations in these two states.

POST OFFICE BOXES: We are unable to ship to Post Office Boxes. Please provide valid street address for shipping.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: At this time, Pearson Farm does not ship internationally.

If you have any questions regarding our Shipping Policy, please call us toll-free at 888-423-7374 or e-mail us.

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Based upon availability of the crop, Pearson Farm Peach Orders are shipped Monday through Friday of each week. Customers will receive their tracking number and shipping confirmation via email.

If you need to make changes to an order, please call our Customer Service Team at 888.423.7374.  We will do everything we can to accommodate changes to orders; however, additional charges may apply.  

Peach shipments leave our farm just prior to peak ripeness, but variations in shipping times mean that exact level of ripeness at delivery can vary. Some peaches may require additional ripening time, and instructions for this process are included in your peach box.

Please contact the farm at 888.423.7374 for orders needing expedited shipping.

ALASKA AND HAWAII: We do ship peaches to Alaska and Hawaii. Please give us a call at 888.423.7374 to discuss the shipping options available.

CALIFORNIA and ARIZONA: We are unable to ship our fresh Georgia Peaches or In-Shell Pecans to California or Arizona due to agricultural regulations in those states.


Use this map to estimate how long your shipment will take.


We pack our peach and pecan packages carefully and only ship the freshest products. We understand that things may happen during the shipping process that cause damage or in other ways affect the quality of your order.

Notification of damage or quality issues must be reported within 30 DAYS of the original purchase date. For complaints regarding damage or quality issues on Peach Orders, notification must be received no later than 2 DAYS upon receipt.

Specifically with peach orders, due to their fragility, it is possible that the shipping process could cause some bruising. If a peach arrives with a soft, brown spot, it can be sliced off and the rest of the peach enjoyed.

We do accept returns on products that are unopened with seals intact within 30 days of original purchase date. Full refunds (less the cost of shipping) will be issued once the product is received from the customer.

We reserve the right to substitute items with an item of an equal or greater value.

Please call or email our customer service department if you have a problem with your order at 888.423.7374 or


Effective on Nuts Sold after 1/1/2019

While pecans grown on Pearson Farm end up all over the world, each season, we pick out the best pecans to sell directly to you under our own label. We are committed to offering only the best of the crop to our customers: we’ve been known to grade our in-shell pecans twice just to make sure we’re comfortable with the quality that ends up at your table, by your fireside, or on your screened-porch.

But we know that even with the utmost attention to detail at each step of the growing, packing, and fulfilling process, we will occasionally make a mistake or hear a complaint. When that happens, here’s what you can expect. Below, see how we will handle complaints related to quality, variety, and size.

QUALITY: Pearson Farm guarantees that all of our in-shell pecans meet USDA No. 1 standards as found in the U.S. Standards for Grades of Pecans in the Shell (Tolerances, §51.1404)1 and comply with international trade agreements. This means that you can expect less than 5% shell defects and less than 12% kernel defects and greater than 92% variety-true constitution. If you feel that the pecans you have received do not meet these standards, we will provide you with a return service label. Once we receive the pecans, we will inspect them against the standards referenced above. If the pecans do not exceed the standards, we will offer you a full refund. If they do, we will offer you a refund less a restocking fee of $17.50.

VARIETY: If we have shipped you the wrong variety (for example, you ordered Schley but received Elliot) we will ship you the correct variety of the same size as the original order. We reserve the right to have the original shipment returned, which we will do by including a return service label in your replacement shipment.

SIZE: If we shipped you fewer pounds than you ordered (for example, you ordered 10 lbs but only received 5 lbs), we will send more pecans so that you will have at least as many as you originally ordered.


Pearson Farm respects your privacy and guarantees the security of this site. We will not share your information with anyone. All information given us is held with the utmost care and security. We will not share any of your information such as name, address, charge card, phone number or e-mail address. We will not sell or rent any of your Personal information to third parties. The information asked for during the check-out process is necessary to process your order. Pearson Farm does not share any of our clients' information with anyone. Our newsletter is a private publication only for those who have registered for it.

1§51.1404 Tolerances.In order to allow the variations incident to proper grading and handling in each of the foregoing grades, the following tolerances are provided as specified:

(a) U.S. No. 1

(1) For shell defects, by count.

(i) 5 percent for pecans with damaged shells, including therein not more than 2 percent for shells which are seriously damaged.

(2) For kernel defects, by count.

(i) 12 percent for pecans with kernels which fail to meet the requirements for the grade or any specified color classification, including therein not more than 7 percent for kernels which are seriously damaged: Provided, That not more than six-sevenths of this amount, or 6 percent, shall be allowed for kernels which are rancid, moldy, decayed or injured by insects: And provided further, That included in this 6 percent tolerance not more than one-half of one percent shall be allowed for pecans with live insects inside the shell.

(ii) In addition, 8 percent for kernels which fail to meet the color requirements for the grade or for any specified color classification, but which are not seriously damaged by dark discoloration of the skin: Provided, That these kernels meet the requirements for the grade other than for skin color.

(3) For loose extraneous or foreign material, by weight.

(i) 0.5 percent (one-half of 1 percent)