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Our daughter is allergic to peanuts...I was so happy to find you, and very touched when I saw you offer the Allergen Test Kit. Things like this mean so much to families with food allergies and I just wanted to say thank you, and that I appreciate you being a resource for families like ours. Very excited to get my pecans and get baking! 
Carrie from Minnesota
I am a first time customer and just sent a box of your peaches to my mom. I can’t thank you enough for putting such a smile on her 97 year old face! Thanks to your great staff/family, you cheerfully changed my order to arrive while I was visiting her. She opened and closed your box daily, peeking inside and remarking how beautiful your fruit was. I say “was” because she only has a few left! They were absolutely delicious! She also enjoyed reading about your family and placed the pretty greeting card in her kitchen. I know people order your fruit for all different reasons. I especially wanted you to know how much joy you gave to my mom. And for that, I am deeply grateful. 
Rita from North Carolina
Thank you all for your hard work. Everyone in my family appreciates it when we get your pecans. The Mammoth Pecans are excellent but the Elliot Pecans are the best pecans I’ve ever had. They are so sweet. We eat so many just snacking that I have to hide some for baking.
Suzy from Florida
Your pecans are the best! 
Katherine from New York
Family farms are becoming a thing of the past, which is why Pearson is so special--that, and the incredible, fresh pecans and baked goods from Mary Pearson in Mary's Kitchen!
Thank you for your excellent pecans. We so enjoy them and look forward to each box that comes. 
Serena from California
So thrilled with my order!!!!! Can't believe how fast the delivery was. The pecans are absolutely delicious. 
Thea from Georgia
I thank you for your prompt attention to my order every year. The pecans are delicious again this year, as they always are. 
Bob from Georgia
The pecans look fantastic. Your company has really spoiled me. No more buying at the grocery store. 
Diane from South Carolina
Your pecans are delicious and your customer service is top-notch! 
Valerie from Arkansas
Oh Lordy- the peaches are perfectly ripe today, and I have eaten 7 already. They are divine and I thank you so much.
Gail from Georgia 
MY HUSBAND JUST RECEIVED HIS PEACHES AND WENT BALLISTIC!!!! They are truly the best tasting peaches ON THIS EARTH!!! A they are so delicious that word does not describe them.... THANK YOU THANK YOU AND WE WILL BE TAKING A TRIP TO GEORGIA!!!!! Many thanks
Julie from Florida
Thank you so much for the beautiful peaches! They were greatly enjoyed at my daughter’s wedding. They were handpicked for the celebration. 
Michelle from Georgia
The best gourmet pecans I've ever had!  Great to just snack on or bake with.  #delicious  
Cassie from Georgia
We got a crate of your peaches off the truck you sent to Minnesota and Wisconsin. They are the best peaches I have ever had. My 3-year-old and I sat and ate 3 of them right out of the box. Thank you for sending some of your Georgia peaches up North to us. I am not sure they will make it to see jam. 
I just wanted to say thank you for the most wonderful peaches I have had, in a very very long time. I was amazed that they came so quickly; I had just walked in from work and my Aunt had the boxes open and there they were. I did not even take time to wash the one I grabbed, it was juicy and it made my day. I definitely will be ordering more.  Thank you very much
I wanted to write and let you know how very pleased we are with our peach order. This is the third time we've ordered from your farm; two peach orders and one pecan order. Every order has been perfection! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful the peaches were the first time we ordered. All I can say is that we'd never had peaches until we had Pearson Farm peaches! They were each like little globes of sunshine! And this was from a year when the peach crop wasn't good! So we were keeping our fingers crossed that this second order would hold up to the first, and all I can say is we shouldn't have worried at all. The order arrived very quickly and all the peaches were tucked in their little nests and were absolutely perfect! A few days to ripen on the counter and we once again are in peach heaven! Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful summer treat! Looking forward to placing a pecan order for the holidays!
Jennifer from Michigan
Hands down they were the best peaches I have ever eaten.  They were packaged perfectly without a bruise on any of them.  The were perfectly ripe and ready to eat upon arrival.  I am from Georgia and Pearson peaches puts California peaches to shame!!  Made peach cobbler with homemade peach ice cream the first day!  Froze the rest to enjoy later per their instructions.  Will order some every year forthcoming!  Thanks for a great Georgia product!!
Scott Q. from Georgia
Hello from Wisconsin, Your peaches are WONDERFUL!!! Little pieces of     sunshine. I think I live in the wrong state - I LOVE peaches, pecans,           Vidalia onions, sweet tea & hot weather! Mt Mom's "Peach-Upside-Down Cake" is very good. Thanks for providing the best ingredients!
Mary from Wisconsin
Just wanted to tell you how beautiful the peaches we bought were! Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. We are corn and soybean farmers, so we understand how much work is involved to put out a superior product.
Sharon from Wisconsin
I would like to thank you sincerely for prompt and courteous handling of my problem with the delayed delivery of the peaches I ordered for my aunt and uncle. Your generous redeliver is greatly appreciated and we will certainly be returning satisfied customers.
They were the very best peaches we have eaten. The peaches were fat, very sweet and oh so juicy. I made the mistake of sharing with relatives and friends who wanted more than I had to give.
Just wanted to let you know that the peaches were delivered and they were the best peaches I've ever tasted!!!! You made a big hit with my parents!!!
D. Mills
Well received, beautiful peaches. 
B. Mount
Pearson's made our summer juicier and tastier with your delicious peaches. 
M. Kirton
I have received RAVE reviews from you peaches. Thanks for doing what you do!
Just talked to my sister, she received her peaches and was very pleased, they don't see peaches like that up there. Thanks. 
For the past few nights my wife has slipped one of your peaches into my lunch box. After several hours of toiling away in the hot and dirty factory on third shift, it was a wonderful surprise to find a sweet, juicy and delicious treat. The delightful flavor and natural sugars kept me going until the next break.
Look beautiful!! Arrived perfectly! 
J. Ray
You may have a year that was not so good, but you have the best peaches in the world. Thank you for being so kind and having the best peaches and service that I have ever received on the internet.  
I ordered peaches about a month ago. They were wonderful, better than I remember them from our years living in Warner Robbins. We were selfish and didn't share them with our grandkids, (we didn't even tell them we had them)....they would have devoured them, as we did!!!!! We would treat ourselves nightly; it was the high point of our day!!! Thanks so much, they were absolutely delicious!!! The pecans were just as good, thanks for the bonus treat!!! We look forward to peach season in 2008; we'll order earlier and eat more!!!  
Again thanks, 
Jayne and Bruce from Florida
Awesome Peaches! Shipped Perfectly! Please let me know when you begin shipping again.  
J. Rouse from Florida
Your products are fabulous! We're in need of a quantity of Georgia products and want to know if you have a wholesale division. Could you please let me know if you do sell wholesale and if so what are your requirements?   
M. Storch
Blooming Cookies
I just came home last night. The peaches were beautiful and a BIG hit! They were delicious and every one enjoyed them.  
A. Smith
I received my peaches. I was able to sample one of your peaches through a friend of mine. I had company in from out of town and ordered some in for them to enjoy. We had 4 peaches out of two boxes that were beautiful on the outside but hard and dry on the inside. The others were WONDERFUL!!! I sent the other box home with my out of town guest. They ate two on the way home and called me when they got home to tell me just how delicious they were. I look forward to ordering more goodies.  
C. Gann
Thanks for all the delicious peaches and pecans I have ordered and the timely shipping. I was wondering if you could tell me the expiration date for the peach preserves? I am also considering ordering the blueberry jam trio and the peach pound cake. Will a expiration date be on those? If not could you tell me what the date would be?  
Thanks again, 
R. Chandler
Thank you again for growing the most fabulous peaches! The 10+ cases I purchased are being enjoyed by our entire family and very special friends!
Thank you for sending the peaches and pecans to our clients. We have received wonderful “thank-you's” from them.  
The Myers Group
The peaches just arrived in PERFECT condition. Thank you so much for following up. The peaches are amazing!!!!!!!  
Thank you, 
We received the peaches today. They are beautiful! I am sure my friend in Va. will love his also! Being that he is a chef, as I am, I am going to send him the pecan oil for Christmas. I haven't seen any peaches from Ga. here in Southwest Fl. this year, so it is great to get these. I will keep Pearson Farm on my favorite places on our computer so that we can order them every summer.  
Thanks so much, Edward Berg -- I will be ordering the pound cake. I am always on a quest to find one as good as my mother's used to be.
Thank you for the peaches. I have been craving some good peaches, so these couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Jimmy is out today, but I will share with him on Monday. You are so sweet to do this.
Thank You Pearson Farm, Your peaches are absolutely divine, fragrant, sweet and juicy. Now that's a peach! Not only did my order arrive when you said it would, they were in perfect condition and worth every penny to have them shipped to the west coast. All of your hard work, love and care really shows, you have reached “Peach Perfection” Thanks again for the most gorgeous peaches.  
Thank you so much for the peaches!! They're huge!! This makes me wish my Dad were still around to make that homemade (hand-cranked) peach ice cream!!   
I've bought the toasted/salted - and they are delicious - and I was getting ready to order some more - because we are almost out.
Wow! Thank you for the quick response. How nice to have personal communication with the owners! I have to tell you, I am from Georgia (Peachtree City) but live in Texas now. This order was for my girlfriend's 93 year old grandmother who loves peaches – especially GA peaches. She lives in the Corpus Christi area of Texas. She was highly complimentary of the gift package. Thanks so very much! You guys made one little southern Texas lady happy!   
Greg from Texas
Thank you. The peaches that arrived yesterday look and smell great. After sharing a few in the office, I am certain they will be completely gone this weekend. Looking forward to next week's delivery too. Have a good weekend.   
Thomas from New Jersey
Rob just called to let me know he received the peaches. In his words, "there is nothing like a Georgia peach and these [PEARSON'S] are the best". Rob played professional baseball with training camps in Florida. He drove through your beautiful state and became "hooked" on those Georgia peaches. Thanks for making my brother happy!!!!   
Until next year, Most sincerely and appreciative
I received the replacement bottles in good condition. Thank You very much for your prompt attention and personal service. Details such of this is what assurances I will be doing business with you in the future. I am still hanging on to the box with the broken bottles but will probably not do so much longer as the flies and especially the bees love the dressing in the box. Wish you success with your business.  
Thank You, 
Jim from Montana
Just wanted to let you know that the peaches arrived in perfect shape and they are the best peaches we have tasted in ages!!! We have been peach deprived over the years having to settle for green grocery store variety that have no taste and don't ripen. These were delightful. So glad I found you!!   
My perception of your customer service was GREAT. I also appreciate your attention to detail.
We recently received a gift package of peaches from your farm. They are the best we have ever eaten.
We received the peaches here in our Atlanta office and they are beautiful, as you said they would be! I haven't had a chance to bite into one, but others have and said they are delicious!! Thank you again for the prompt service! We'll be in touch again soon, I'm sure!   
Best regards, 
My peaches just arrived, and they are fabulous!! Thank you so much.  
We received our peaches today. I had to wait until my husband came home from work to open them. That was an extremely hard thing to do. We all took a peach and ate the whole box all at once; we even gave some to a friend. We all thought we were in heaven. The peaches were all worth the wait and then some! They were perfect. I and all of the rest of my family want to thank you so much! We are really looking forward to ordering from you in the years to come! I know when I speak for the rest of the family that we cannot wait until July when the other orders of peaches we placed come!   
Thank you from our family to yours!
Brockington Family
We got your e-mail today saying that August 1st will be the last shipping day for peaches. We will order some more, as we have enjoyed all three of our orders very much. The families that we bought gifts for could not believe that a peach could have so much flavor. One day I will tell you my little story about how I came to fall in love with Southern peaches.  
The peaches were delivered to my daughter yesterday and I was talking to her as she opened them….she started eating one right out of the box. She said they are delicious and I am sure I will be getting more comments on them. Thank you very much for your great service and wonderful product.  
I wanted to thank you for all the lovely peaches. Both packages arrived to their destinations yesterday. All parties involved were describing the peaches as delicious, the aroma was better than a perfume, the texture was like cotton candy melting in their mouth, the juice was addictive, the fruit was a taste they will not soon forget. They were all impressed with the way the fruit was packaged and expect orders from them in years to come.   Thank you again!
The white lady peaches he brought along with the juice plus was outstanding. Mother said today at breakfast, "I like this white woman peach.” Terrell and Daphne came to visit after church on Sunday and spent the night. They liked them so much that I called Big 6 to inquire about them. Do you know that Lawton brought us some?!!!!! It was so good to see him and talk with him and after he left Terrell said, "What a prince of a fellow." I know you both are so thankful for him and what a joy it must be to Al to have him work along side him each day.
Thank you, Mary, for everything. I think everyone will enjoy their gifts. The guys say everything looks great, so that's a big plus! By the way, your delivery guy was very nice and put everything where I needed it.
I've been buying cars from a different dealership for thirty years and never received a single gift. Then, I bought one and received one of your gifts; I'll never go back to those other dealers."
Just a note to thank you for "personally" taking care of my order to ensure I received the Premium Elliot pecans! I have been baking non-stop since the package arrived yesterday (snacking on them as well!).
It is such a pleasure to receive such quality customer service from Pearson Farm, especially since this is a very busy season for all of you.
Your quality customer service to meet my need for the Premium Elliot order, as it was a special order, is greatly appreciated!   
I appreciate you spreading the message that the season is really about Christmas and not some other ambiguous “holiday.”   
[Your Atlanta sales rep]… had come into the store, where I work. Since she is one of our registered brides, we had a nice chat one day and she brought us some yummy samples of the Pearson Farm products...She was so sweet to do that and when she gave me a little flyer from the company, I told her that I would get some Christmas gifts from Pearson Farm which I did just a few days ago....I'm sure that the recipients will be very pleased...  
B Taquechel
The BEST peach ice cream!   
Debbie from Georgia
Have you ever heard an expression "The price was just right"?