Five Generations of Peach Farmers

For more than 135 years, the land we know as Pearson Farm has supported the growth of authentic Georgia-grown peaches and pecans as well as the growth of the five generations of family that pioneered it. The core elements remain the same today-good soil, hard work, honest dealings, family, and faith.

From our farm
to your table

Our juicy, sweet Georgia peaches give flavor to your summer like nothing else. Handpicked at just the right time, hand packed the right way, and delivered straight from our trees to your table for a taste of the farm all summer long! Our premium Georgia pecans are harvested, shelled, and packed right here on the farm. That means you get freshness and flavor straight from the trees. From in-shell pecans straight from the tree to decadent creations from our farm kitchen, we have countless ways to share and enjoy our bountiful harvest.

Stop by and Stay awhile

We wholeheartedly invite you to visit us when you get a the chance. We’d love to meet you with a warm, southern welcome and send you home with the best peaches and pecans from our backyard.

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About Pearson Farm

To read about our farm is one thing — to see it, quite another. Learn more about Pearson Farm and family history in these videos