The 2023 Georgia peach crop was significantly affected by two late frosts in March. However, we are so grateful to be able to offer you a few of our favorite varieties that survived the cold spring nights. These peaches will be handpicked in our orchards and shipped to you the same day. Georgia peaches will be very rare this year, so place your order now to ensure you don't miss the best part of summer-a sweet Georgia peach!

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All of our orders are shipped to arrive within 2 days to ensure you’re getting the freshest peaches possible for your favorite summertime recipes.  If you are interested in having peaches shipped to Hawaii or Alaska, we are happy to accommodate. Please give us a call at 1-888-423-7374 so we can discuss the shipping options available to you.

Please note that due to agricultural regulations, we are unable to ship our fresh peaches or in-shell pecans to California or Arizona. We apologize for the inconvenience and welcome you to try some of our other products. If you ask us, peach season is the most wonderful time of year at Pearson Farm! The vibrant, juicy fruit that we harvest from our trees every year is the Georgia staple you do not want to miss!

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