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Chef Eunji Lee creates art that you admire—then eat. At Lysée, her pastry boutique in the Flatiron District of New York City, Chef Lee showcases her incredible talent as artist, imaginative chef, and curator of sophisticated pastries. When you step into Lysée you don’t simply select items from a menu; you contemplate and then choose edible works of art from a "gallery of confections." Combining influences from her South Korean culture and her prestigious training in the French culinary scene, Chef Lee has gained quick notoriety as one of the top talents in the pastry chef world. Her recent recognition as Pastry Talent of the Year 2023 by La Liste confirms her rare blend of imagination, skill, and attention to detail.

We are more than honored to be the source of pecans for Chef Lee and her team at Lysée. She states that “We work with the best and freshest ingredients to make the highest quality pastries possible. The essentials are invisible to the eye, but you can taste it. To me, pastry is an edible art. All our confections are artisanal and handmade with care. It is my hope this special experience we’ve curated will bring you sweet happiness.” To celebrate and congratulate Chef Lee on her much-deserved award of Pastry Talent of the Year 2023, we are delighted to spotlight Chef Eunji Lee as our featured chef.

Check out some of her amazing creations at the links below.

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