Save on sweet Pearson Peaches and rich Pearson Pecans when you buy in bulk.  Our delicious pecans are the perfect fit for your fall recipes.  Try our new Pecan Meal and find your new favorite grain substitute.  Simply place your order, and we will ship directly to you.

“I grew up in Macon County, deep in the heart of peach country and one county over from Fort Valley, home to Pearson Farm.  When I was in high school, my school breaks were dictated by picking season as many of my classmates were the sons and daughters of farmers- including the Pearsons! My career path has offered opportunities to travel around the world learning from the greatest chefs and food artisans while allowing me to taste and in some instances, even harvest the freshest ingredients for use in my recipes. I’m certainly biased toward Georgia peaches.  It seems to me that the red clay soil and hot sun here create a taste like no other.  I have proudly used Pearson peaches for my recipes and even given them as gifts for decades.”

Virginia Willis

James Beard award-winning cookbook

Food Network Kitchen Chef

Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force

Learn more about Virginia and follow her good for you recipes and traveling exploits at

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