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Types of Peaches

A Timeline of Peach Varieties

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You’ve probably heard of clingstone and freestone peaches, but did you know that within those categories (along with a couple more), there are dozens of varieties of peaches available in the short time that is peach season? 

It’s a commonly asked question - which peaches are available? - so we’ve broken our harvesting schedule down to share when you’ll find each of the 43 varieties we produce on the farm available for you to take home and enjoy.

Clingstone Peaches

At the start of the season, we harvest clingstone peaches, a set of varieties that is descriptively named for the fruit that is attached to the stone or pit of the peach. These peaches are perfect for eating fresh. They’re typically smaller, juicy and sweet, and are ideal for getting peach season off to a fresh start. 

Clingstones are also excellent for canning and preserving because if they’re a little bruised or damaged from being cut off the stone, but the effort to get them separated makes the process a bit more cumbersome. 

At Pearson Farm, we harvest 12 varieties of clingstone peaches between early May and early June:

Clingstone Peaches
Type of Peach Harvest Time
 Flavorich Early May
Carored Mid May
Lane La Red Mid May
Springprince Mid May
Zee Diamond Mid May
Springflame Mid May
Brittney Lane Mid May
Goldprince Mid May
Zee Pride Mid May
Crimson Lady Late May
Fiesta Gem Late May
Caroking Early June

Semi-Clingstone Peaches

These midseason peaches have some characteristics of both clingstone and freestone categories. They combine the sweetness of clingstone peaches with the easiness of freestones for a less frequent but highly desirable type of peach. These varieties are mostly only available to harvest during the later part of the month of May, but are fitting for peach canning projects so that you can enjoy them long into the summer and fall.

Our farm produces 6 varieties of semi-cling peaches: 

Semi-Clingstone Peaches
Type of Peach Harvest Time
Desiree Mid May
Rubyprince Late May
Juneprince Late May
Sureprince Late May
Rich Lady Late May
Rich Pride Early June

Freestone Peaches

As you’d expect, freestone peaches are not attached to the pits, which helps them fall easily off of it as you’re slicing open your summer fruit. Typically larger than clingstone peaches, freestones are best eaten fresh and are popular in markets and grocery stores mid-summer. 

These versatile varieties make great additions to fresh meals and baked goods, but are also equally as useful in preserves or canned and saved for later. Once we begin harvesting these varieties, they’re available throughout the remainder of the season. Our Prince varieties available in our Pearson Prince Subscription all fall into the freestone category.

Our farm grows 19 varieties of freestone peaches from late May to late July:

Freestone Peaches
Type of Peach Harvest Time
Gala Late May
June Flame Late May
Harvester Early June
Blazeprince Early June
Sierra Rich Early June
Fireprince Mid June
Scarlet Prince Mid June
Pearson Berta Late June
PF-23 Late June
Julyprince Late June
Summer Gold Late June
Zee Lady Early July
Early Augustprince Early July
Augustprince Mid July
Fay Elberta Mid July
August Lady Mid July
Lane Fairtime Mid July
Fat Lady Mid July
Flameprince Late July

Heirloom Peaches

Heirloom Peaches

Mid- to late season, heirloom peaches make their debut with popular varieties that have been established for more than 50 years. These are the peaches we grew up picking, packing and enjoying and the peaches the locals wait for. These peaches take us back to lazy afternoons spent on porch swings listening to our daddies’ gentle laughter as they told stories and churned homemade peach ice cream. Most of these varieties aren’t shipped and are only available in our store. 

Heirloom peaches were, throughout the years and advanced farming experience, replaced by varieties that were bred to have redder skins. The breeders in our area worked very hard to ensure that quality and taste was not lost in the breeding process, so it would be difficult for us to say that they are better just because they are heirloom - they’re just the original!

You’ll recognize many of these names as peaches that are large and flavorful, juicy and perfectly ripened, and commonly seen in canning. The Elberta peach, in particular, has been called America’s Favorite Peach, and their trees are highly active, producing up to 150 pounds of peaches in a season. Every time you take a bite of a sweet and juicy peach, you can thank the Elberta.

Heirloom peaches are highly memorable with their size, color and richness - the perfect close to a peach season. At Pearson Farm, we grow 6 varieties of heirloom peaches:

 Flavorcrest Mid June
Southland Mid June
Cresthaven Early July
Elberta Mid July
Monroe Mid July
O’Henry Mid July

With so many varieties to choose from, there’s always a wide selection of peaches at Pearson Farm that are ready for you to indulge in. While you can’t request variety when you purchase peaches, the season brings an incredible journey through varieties and flavors of the fresh Georgia peaches we work so hard to perfect and provide to you. Whether you shop local farmers markets, visit the farm for a basket or order online for delivery, we’re proud to provide you with the best peaches from our family’s Georgia farm.