We Practice What We Peach

We Practice What We Peach

Here at Pearson Farm, we are getting ready for Father's Day so to get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday Al Pearson did a little grilling with some fresh Georgia Peaches from Pearson Farm.

He also enlisted the help of four of his grandsons who assisted in preparing the meal. This recipe is both simple and delicious and a real crowd pleaser in our home.  We hope it is in yours as well. Click on the here to see them in action.

Al Pearson and Grandsons

As with any of nature's commodities, peach supplies are limited. So, if you want to make your father something special with fresh Georgia Peaches from Pearson Farm, we encourage you to order now. Click here to get started.

Happy Father's Day from all of us at Pearson Farm.
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