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Shipping Time....

Peaches, Boxes, Green Foam, Strapper, Boxes, Peaches, Corporate Customers, Boxes, Cakes, Labels, Brown trucks and trailers, Preserves, Peaches, and oh did I mention, BOXES..... This week has been all about shipping the precious few sweet, juicy, Pearson Farm peaches we have this season. Suffice it to say, when you have to ship all your corporate orders along with your regular peach orders in a 2-week span, life can get a little crazy!!Just as we are grateful for every single one of these sweet, fuzzy peaches, we are thankful for all of our customers!! We appreciate your patience and understanding of the challenges we have faced this season. We are much obliged for the prayers you have offered and the wonderful conversations we have shared with you over the phone and in the store. But mostly, we are overwhelmed with your support of our beloved Pearson Farm. To all our returning customers, thanks so much, it's been great hearing from you all this year and to our new customers..... Welcome to the "FAMILY"!!    


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