The Blessing of Pecan Meal!

The Blessing of Pecan Meal!

The blessings nature provides come in many shapes and sizes, and we are always excited to share them with you!   Advancements in technology and equipment used in our pecan shelling process, have resulted in finely, ground pecan pieces that make up our latest pecan product - Pecan Meal.  The benefits and uses of this new Pearson Farm offering are limitless!

Our Pecan Meal is gluten free, keto-friendly, and never cross contaminated with other nuts.  Once you try it, we know it will become a pantry staple.

Since our Pecan Meal consists of finely ground pieces of our Signature Pecans, the depth and complexity of flavor is unmatched.  Use Pecan Meal when breading fish or chicken, as a flour substitute, in smoothies and grain bowls, or as a thickener for gravy or oatmeal.  We are so excited about the many uses of our new Pecan Meal!  We have asked a few of our favorite healthy cooks, incredible bakers, and creative recipe developers to work their magic with our Pecan Meal in their kitchens.  We are eager to see what they create and then share it with you!  Make plans to check back here and on our social channels to see the delicious ways these foodie experts use Pecan Meal.


*Do you have a wonderful recipe or special use for Pecan Meal?  If so, we invite you to post those creations on Social media and tag Pearson Farm, so you can help us spread the word about this healthy, delicious flour alternative.

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Hey Melanie! Thanks for the question. We sell our Pecan Meal in (1) pound bags which holds approximately 4 cups of meal.

Pearson Farm

How many cups of pecan mill is in each bag?


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