Sweeter In July

To be honest I had a hard time naming this post. I am still not convinced that the title captures the true excitement that this month means to Georgia Peaches from Pearson Farm. Anyone who has ever tried our peaches knows one thing – the best tasting, sweetest and most delicious peaches come off the trees at Pearson Farm in July. I have friends and family chasing me for their July peach shipment. And because the peaches are that good in July, I have more friends this month than any other time of the year.So you can see my dilemma. Does this headline adequately convey the excitement that Pearson Farm July peaches deserves? Unfortunately there is another dilemma. If the best peaches come off the trees in July, how can we have these delicious and healthy treats for the rest of the year?Thankfully there is good news there as well.Not everyone is aware that you can freeze peaches and take out one or two as you get those Georgia Peach cravings. If you freeze them correctly, you can put on hold the sweet July goodness for up to 2 years or until you have the appetite. That is more than enough time to hold you off till the next peach season.So we have two tips today. First, if you want the best tasting peaches of the year, order yours now. There is only a short time left if you want the coveted July crop. Second, buy more and save, or should I say, freeze, them. Enjoy some now and then a few at a time until next peach season.For your reference, we have prepared a guide to the proper method for freezing peaches. Print out the image below or refer back here anytime you need it.Enjoy!  - Order yours here
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