New Look, Same Tradition

New Look, Same Tradition

Over the course of time things needs to change, even if things remain the same. Let me explain.Here on Pearson Farm, to ensure that we have consistent quality of our products, we have to plant new trees from time to time. We also need to manage the soil and constantly be aware of weather conditions and other potential hazards to our crops. This attention to detail allows us to proudly deliver the quality products, year after year after year. You might say that quality is our legacy.So what has changed?

Pearson Farm Logo

In keeping up with the times while also maintaining our tradition, Pearson Farm has adopted a new look. You may have noticed a few updates along the way. Our logo was modified, our packaging was improved and that all comes together with the launch of our new website. We encourage you to check it out at  Never before have we displayed our products and tradition as we do now. You can find our products, view our recipes or simply read about our family and our 100 plus year history. We think that we have done a good job in keeping current while maintaining our legacy.  Let us know what you think.

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