How to Freeze Peaches

How to Freeze Peaches

As peach season draws to a close, many of us will find ourselves longing for a sweet, delicious peach this fall and winter. Thankfully, there is a simple way to enjoy Georgia peaches year round.  

Freezing peaches is easy to do and a great way to keep peaches available to use any time of the year. By following these easy steps, you'll be able to store your favorite peaches for any occasion.

The first step is choosing the right peaches. Make sure you select, sweet, ripe peaches that are cling free or “freestone”, meaning they fall off the pit easily. You can order your peaches from Pearson Farm, or pick some up at the local grocery store or farmers market.

After you've chosen your peaches, you'll need to make your solution. You can either use fruit juice, or make your own sugar solution by mixing sugar (or Splenda) and water. This solution will prevent the peaches from drying, freezer burn, or oxidation (browning).- If you use fruit juice (apple, peach, or white grape), use 4 cups for approximately 5 peaches.- If you're making your own solution, use 6 cups of water and 2-4 cups of sugar or 2 cups of Splenda for approximately 5 peaches. Begin by heating the water, then slowly add the sugar and stir constantly until the sugar has dissolved. Let cool.

Wash and peel your peaches. Cut them either into halves, quarters, or slices and remove the pits. Then sprinkle ¼ cup of lemon juice or Fruit-Fresh onto the peaches to keep them from browning. Stir and be sure all surfaces are covered.

Combine the peaches and the sugar solution or fruit juice in a large bowl and stir, then pour into freezer bags (Ziplocks or Vacuum food sealer bags), making sure the peaches are all covered by the solution.

      -  If you choose to use Ziplocks, make sure you choose the “freezer” bags. Squeeze out  the air bubbles, seal the bags, and place on the coldest shelf of your freezer.

      - If you choose to use a vacuum food sealer, stand the bags upright in the freezer and  allow to freeze overnight. Vacuum seal the bags the next day and put them back in the freezer. (You may want to add more juice or sugar solution before the bags are vacuum-sealed if the peaches become exposed overnight).

Your peaches are now properly stored in your freezer and are ready to be used whenever you need them!


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Peaches arrived yesterday and this morning we had a couple for breakfast. They are so sweet and smell so good. I won’t buy store ones they are so hard and bitter. Getting ready to freeze some. When I would stay with my grandmother during the summers we always ate frozen peaches. Sure miss those times. Thanks again will order next year. Cathy C.

Cathy Corrigan

Better late than never, i needed this years ago.

Jj E Ellis

Hey Mary! We’ve never tried brown sugar on them except in a cobbler recipe. Bet it’s delicious. We would expect the color of the peaches to become darker with using a darker sugar, so don’t be surprised if they turn a golden brown color.

Pearson Farm

I like brown sugar with my peaches. Can I use brown sugar instead of white cane sugar I’m unfreezing?


Thank you for the information on freezing the peaches. It is information that should have been sent at the beginning of peach season. I am single and would have a hard time of eating an order of your peaches before they become overripe. Now, that I know the process of freezing them I will be able to enjoy them year around. Truly enjoyed your pecans. I may be in need of them later in the year.

Frank Velasco

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