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On the lawn of the home of my great-grandparents, Lockie and Emma, stands a sign acknowledging the establishment of their home in Zenith, Georgia. A home then surrounded by peach orchards and pecan trees; a home and yard full of 12 children and the trappings of a 1900's era farm. More than 130 years later, my son, Lawton, and I carry on that farming enterprise growing peaches and pecans on the same land in much the same way now as then. Farming has dramatically changed, but the core elements remain - good soil, hard work, honest dealings, family and faith - all critical to the survival and success of Pearson Farm.

When I grew up here, visitors would come to our home and my mother would always share the bounty the farm provided - peaches, pecans, vegetables, figs, scuppernongs and wonderful things made in her kitchen. That's how we feel about sharing our bounty with you - whether you visit the farm in person, through this catalog, or on the web. We are blessed with a strong family, honored to have friends, happy to have visitors, and committed to providing good things in good measure.

Visit us whenever and however you can.

- Al Pearson

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