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While the most popular months for gifting are November and December, there are no steadfast rules when it comes to the best time to send corporate gifts.  And while there are no rules for when to send them, the timing is as important as the gift itself.   Here are a few tips to help determine what’s right for you:

  1. Probably most important to note is that it is never too early to start your holiday gifting strategy.  Since most businesses send their corporate gifts during the months of November and December, you don’t want yours to get lost in the onslaught of gifts or worse yet, be lost all together since some offices are closed for many days during the holidays. 
  2. Look for incentives from businesses, like Pearson Farm, for placing your holiday orders early. Offers can include, free items, shipping and dollar discounts for placing early orders as well as quantity orders.
  3. When sending gifts in December, keep in mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas. If you don’t know your recipients well enough to know their religious practices or if your clients include people with a wide variety of backgrounds, you may want to send “holiday” gifts instead.
  4. Don’t let Christmas gifts arrive late. If there is no way the gift can arrive before Christmas, call it a Happy New Year gift.
  5. December isn’t the only month you can send corporate gifts. If you’d like for your gift to stand out, find other times of year when a gift could be appreciated.  Choosing a time outside of the holidays, will certainly allow your gift to stand out from the crowd! Sending Thankful gifts at Thanksgiving or Sweet Gifts during Valentines are wonderful alternatives to the traditional "Christmas Gift" And don’t be afraid to get personal with your corporate gift giving. If you know your clients well enough, you can send gifts to mark personal milestones and events such as work anniversaries and birthdays.
  6. Since Pearson Farm grows Pecans and Peaches, we always encourage our customers to send a gift of Peaches to your corporate clients during the summer months.  Talk about getting rave reviews.....You can never go wrong with Sweet Georgia Peaches!!

 Pearson Farm would love to help you choose the perfect corporate gift for the relationship you are celebrating. 

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