The 12 Flav's of Christmas - 10. Chocolate Drenched Pecans in Peppermint Tin

Chocolate. Have I said enough? Ok what if we added that the chocolate was coating delicious Georgia Pecans from Pearson Farm? Our 12 Flav's of Christmas series would not be complete without this amazing holiday tradition. 10. Chocolate Drenched Pecans in Peppermint Tin Pearson Farm's peppermint swirl tin is filled with our delicious chocolate drenched pecans.  Our farm fresh pecan halves are sent to a small Chocolate Shoppe in Pennsylvania who creates chocolates using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients including the finest Belgian chocolate available.  Each pecan half is enrobed in a creamy chocolate coating and topped with a beautiful “P”!  These pecans are a special treat for anyone.
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