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Thanksgiving, Thanks-getting

Now that we have officially kicked off the holiday season, it's time to be thinking about all of the parties, family functions and gifts that we need to start planning for.  When you show up to a friend or family member's home, you obviously bring something. That is Thanksgiving. If you are the host of that party, that is Thanks-getting. No matter which side of the equation you are on, Pearson Farm has your back with lots of seasonal pecan favorites. If you like to make your own recipes, may we suggest our Baker's Best Pecan Halves & Pieces. They are perfect for baking, and the best news is you can store leftover pecans in your freezer.   If your plans are more immediate, or as I like to say “me eaty,” we have a large assortment of Signature Flavored Pecans, chocolate covered pecans , as well as delicious baked goods from Mary's Kitchen.  You can get these in resealable gift bags, gift tins and beautiful gift stacks. These mouth-watering gourmet treats are sure to bring unforgettable flavor to every occasion. So, no matter if you are Thanksgiving or Thanks-getting delicious treats from Pearson Farm this holiday season, you can be satisfied knowing there are several pecan choices available to please nearly everyone. From our Family to yours,  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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