THANK YOU….. 8 little letters, 2 short words, yet big meaning.  They are often underused but seldom unappreciated. 

Authentic offerings of gratitude are essential for companies wishing to affirm relationships and enhance personal connections between clients, customers, and employees.  Corporate Gift Giving is an excellent way to express gratitude.  Businesses benefit in well thought out gift giving by establishing and strengthening critical business relationships.  This unique way of saying THANK YOU goes a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty. 

Incentive Magazine conducted a survey in 2017 to better understand corporate gift giving practices over the past few years. They found 77% of those surveyed used gifts as a part of their incentive program, and that 66% of the gift recipients were their customers and clients.  They also noted an upward trend in the number of gifts these businesses were sending as well as 25% increase in the amount of money they were spending on each gift.   Their conclusions were that companies using gift giving as a way to express these two simple words make a significant impact on their clients, and even though money is being spent, the return always exponentially outweighs the initial spend. 

Pearson Farm would love to use our expertise in gifting to help you invest in relationships that are essential to your company with a distinctive offering that will enhance your business and create goodwill for you and your customers.  During our many years in the gift giving business, we have created wonderful options that feature the very best pecans and peaches grown on the same land as the generations before us.  We take pride in using only all-natural ingredients and hand-stirred, small batch recipes for all the wonderful goodies we create in our kitchen.  We hope you will browse through our menu of gift giving ideas, and we invite you to call us at the Farm to discuss your gift giving needs.   To ensure you are able to deliver a wonderful gift that won’t break the bank, we are happy to offer discounts and a flat rate shipping structure.  Once you have chosen the perfect gift, shared your recipient list, and written your Thank You note, your job is complete.  We take pride in planting, harvesting, cleaning, cooking, packing, and shipping the very best pecans and peaches from our Farm to your Door.  We promise to lavish your clients, family, and friends with the very best we have to offer.

Pearson Farm is a family business that understands the importance of building and nurturing long term relationships.  Maya Angelou said it best, “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”  We hope you will allow us to help your

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