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For years, we have been filling bins, hauling wagons and dumping peaches onto the belts of the packing house here at Pearson Farm. The days start with the rising sun in dew covered orchards and don't end until well after the sun has set. These long days are full of fuzzy, sweet peaches that are picked for our customers and shipped all over the great US of A. We start harvesting the first few weeks in May and run full steam right on into August, but not this year…….. next week, we will dump the final bin of peaches for the 2017 season. The last days for running peaches are always filled with a variety of emotions. For the workers who spend hours picking, grading, box making, and loading trucks, it's Excitement. Many of these folks have been away from their families since the beginning of the year and will finally make that trek back home. For Will and his crew at Genuine Georgia (they're the folks who work so hard to sell our peaches), Accomplishment is the name of the game as that last bin is dropped. The coordination needed to grow a crop of peaches, nurture them to maturity, then pick, pack, and ship them to our customers is amazing. When that last peach rolls off the belt into a box, it is that sense of accomplishment that allows them to say, “We did it!” For Mr. Al and Lawton, it's Relief…… Relief that nothing else can happen to the crop. They won't have to worry about hail, bugs, disease, rain, etc (for a few weeks at least). Relief that all these wonderful people we have been hosting here on the Farm, will now be able to return home to their families. As that last bin is dropped, they will both draw a long, deep breath…… As great as all these emotions are, I believe there is another that is felt more strongly and experienced by everyone here at the Farm this year and that is Gratitude. We are so thankful to have been able to harvest 18% of a crop! There were a couple weeks in early spring, we thought we might not have a single peach. We were blessed with good quality fruit and have been intrigued and entertained with the different sizes and shapes. We are appreciative that the circumstances of this year's crop allowed us to have wonderful conversations with our customers who called or visited us here at Farm. We are thankful for John Short @georgiaproudprovisions and your crew that tirelessly staff the Farmers Markets in Atlanta with our Pearson Farm peaches and pecans. Thank you also to The Peach Truck and Tree-Ripe Citrus Co. for your annual tours to carry Pearson Farm peaches and pecans to customers who otherwise might not get to taste our sweet Georgia peaches. We are very grateful for your dedication and love for Pearson Farm. And finally, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all our customers!!! We appreciate each and every one of you and hope to see you in the fall for pecans. As this season draws to an end, we are reminded of the motto Mr. Al adopted for us back in March, “Dum Spiro Spero…. While I breathe, I HOPE”. We have faithfully trusted that God would guide us through the difficulties of this season and provide….…..and we are grateful that he has done just that! “And so, Lord, where do I put my HOPE? My only HOPE is in you….. Psalm 39:7”PS….. Mr. Al and Lawton are saving enough bins from this final run to hopefully keep the Farm Store stocked with peaches through the end of the month. Please continue to visit us but make sure you call first.

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