Simply Toasted are Simply the Best!

Simply Toasted are Simply the Best!

At Pearson Farm, we are constantly working to create the highest quality products made with our peaches and pecans.  It takes hours of recipe development, market research and taste tests to formulate recipes worthy of carrying the Pearson Farm name. New product ideas typically come from customer requests and current flavor trends, and once we turned a special custom order into a holiday gift because we loved it so much!  So, you can imagine our surprise, when we discovered the recipe for our latest Signature Flavor literally right under our nose! 

If you spend any time in the offices around the Farm, you will find a bag or two of pecans on every desk. (We like to call it quality control, but honestly, we just love to snack on them!)  Whether it’s champagne, toasted and salted, or natural pecan halves, we all have a favorite.  A couple years ago, one of our PF Family members discovered that she had a dairy allergy.  Since many of our flavored pecans are cooked with butter, she knew she would no longer be able to snack on her favorites. She began exploring new ways to enjoy these nuts she loved and decided to try toasting them without adding any other ingredients.  She found that the rich pecan flavor enhanced by the toasting process was simply delicious.   They were so good that she began toasting batches and leaving them out for the office to share.  The first reaction was always the same, “What did you do to these pecans?”  To which she would reply, “nothing, just toasted them.” 

We’ve always known that the key to our delicious Signature Flavors was not the sugar, or cinnamon or the butter and salt used to coat them, but actually the pecan itself.   However, once we realized the best way to showcase their meaty, nutty flavor was by simply toasting them, our minds were blown!  We’ve decided that we've kept the secret long enough.  So today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of SIMPLY TOASTED to our Signature Flavor line up.  We cannot wait to hear your thoughts and know that you will love them as much as we do!

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