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Santa Claus

Christmas has arrived at Pearson Farm!! Holiday baking is filling the Farm with wonderful scents. We are entering customer gift lists, and checking them twice. Our Pearson Farm elves are busy making beautiful gift boxes and tins full of delicious Flavored Pecans, Sweet Peach Jellies, Cinnamon Pecan Cakes , Pecan Pies and Decadent Chocolate Covered Pecans. We've got our own little North Pole experience happening right here in, I don't think it was a coincidence that we recently found this sweet little poem written by Mr. Al's grandmother many years ago. She simply titled it, "Santa Claus”
Of all the fairy tales I've known, And there are quite a few, The tale that deals with Santa Claus Is one I know is true.Some people doubt he really lives And rule him out of season. But not one skeptic I have heard Can give sufficient reason.Santa Claus does not fit in With the logic of today; He is the figment of a dream Is what the skeptics say.They can not search the minds of men Or measure every heart; For this is where his workshop is, And good deeds get their start.Santa Claus in truth does live- This I surely know; Because I've shared the warmth and love- Of those who make is so.Rosa Lee Pearson

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