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PROGRESS is defined as movement toward a goal, growth or development. At Pearson Farm, we are defining it a tad more literally these days. Progress for us looks like expansion, addition and renovation. Suffice it to say that we have been BUSY!!! Most years the weeks between the end of peach season and the beginning of pecan season are filled with vacations and much needed rest and relaxation allowing us to power up for the busy holiday season. Not this year…. Mr. Al and his “construction crew” have been pouring concrete, tearing down walls, purchasing a variety of equipment, as well as adding windows and doors. Mr. Al spent hours drawing up sketches, measuring and measuring again. The "crew" pounded hundreds of nails, sawed at least that many boards and created more noise and dust than we ever imagined possible. But…… the finished product is absolutely incredible!!!! We more than doubled our mail order area, added a shelling plant on site and made many much needed upgrades to Mary's Kitchen. In a year that we experienced so much worry and loss, Pearson Farm is choosing to celebrate PROGRESS. It has been a daily reminder that life keeps moving and we better keep moving with it. We are excited about this upcoming pecan season and can't wait to use our new facilities to create wonderful flavored pecans, cookies, cakes and pies. We are anxiously waiting to fill the new tables with boxes of pecans and gift tins that will be shipped to homes and businesses all over the country. But more importantly, we look forward to speaking with each of you as you prepare to send holiday gifts to your friends and family. We hope to speak with you soon!!

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