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People, Preserves, Progress and Peaches

People, Preserves, Progress and Peaches are words that have been uttered over and over again this week.People have been filling our parking lot and rocking chairs daily. Many of these People are locals who just drop in for an afternoon snack of delicious peach or butter pecan ice cream while others have driven out to purchase our Pearson Farm peaches to put in their freezers to savor throughout the year. The last two weeks we have greeted People from Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Minnesota. We have enjoyed meeting each of you and appreciate all the wonderful comments you have left in our guest book. Especially, the family from Davenport, Washington who wrote, “Well worth the looong drive!!”
Preserves have been on the menu in the kitchen this week. We only make our delicious preserves with fresh peaches and since they are in short supply and going quickly we are working overtime to get enough made to last until next season. Maria and her crew have been peeling, slicing, stirring, and pouring jars and jars of our delightful peach preserves.Progress is the word we are using to describe our upcoming expansion plans…. Every pad of concrete poured, steel beam erected, and electrical switch installed brings us closer to moving our mail order and shipping department into a newly renovated and expanded home. We will keep you posted on the continued Progress, so stay tuned…….      
Peaches, obviously, because we are in the final days of the season. “Do you still have Peaches ……? Are you still shipping Peaches .….? How much longer will you have Peaches ……? are questions we have answered many times. We've even asked these same questions ourselves and Lawton and Mr. Al have been able to provide us with enough Peaches every day to get us through the week. The final picking will happen on Monday so we hope to have plenty of peaches to get us through next week. We will close out the season with Flame Prince. And let me just say….. they are DELICIOUS!!! We will be sad to see them go but go they will, so make plans to come see us next week to get the last of the 2017 sweet, juicy, Pearson Farm Peaches!!!

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