Pearson's Legacy Is The Pits (Peach Pits)

The 2015 peach season marks the 130th consecutive peach season that the Pearson family has grown their various beloved peach varieties. In all, Pearson Farm currently grows over 30 varieties of peaches in the red clay of Crawford County Georgia, and has since 1885. After all this time, it is safe to say that the Pearson family has growing and harvesting peaches down to a science, or better said down to nature.Today, Pearson Farm is led by Al Pearson and his son, Lawton. Lawton is the fifth generation Pearson family member to be handed down the family farming secrets. These family farming secrets are needed to farm over 1400 acres of peaches Pearson Farm grows each year.Like fine wines, the soil where peaches are grown affects the flavor, making the crop taste better. This is why Pearson Farm has received particular praise for its prized peaches. They always produce consistent quality and consistent delicious flavor.How the Pearson's care for their land and our resources are reflected in the products they provide. Pearson Farm is not just their place of business, it's their home. They treat the land and the crops it produces with the same attention and passion as you would in your home.Pearson Farm's mission is simple - To provide the freshest and best tasting products from our family to yours. The name Pearson in English means "rock.” This could be the reason why the family's steadfast commitment to quality and sustainable farming has lasted 130 years.
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