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Pearson's Tips for Going to the Farmers Market

With peach season now upon us, we will be visiting many local farmers markets around the state, bringing our fresh Georgia peaches to as many people as possible! While our main market season is usually from mid-May to August, farmers markets are a great source of fresh produce year round. Through the years, we have picked up a great many tips to remember on your way to the farmers market, and would like to share five of them with you.1. Find where your local farmers market is located: Many times, people are unaware of the great local farmers market in their own backyard. If you are unsure what the closest market in your area is, simply ask a few friends or search online.2. Bring your own bags: Although most vendors will have plastic bags for your purchases, if you plan to buy from multiple people it is a good idea to bring your own, larger bags. From our experience, carrying around several small plastic bags gets to be cumbersome and difficult to handle.3. Go slow: At first, it may be difficult to resist the temptation to buy produce from the first stand you come across. Instead of jumping at the first few vendors, take your time to browse each vendor and get an idea of who has the freshest produce and best selection. Remember, you can always come back to a booth.4. Carry small bills: Often times, vendors do not carry many large bills for change. With that in mind, it is a good idea to carry small bills and some change with you to make sure that your shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible.5. Get to know the vendors: Vendors are usually proud of their product and love an interested and engaged customer. From asking about their farms to suggestions for preparing a dish, vendors are often a wealth of knowledge and are usually more than willing to any questions you may have.Farmers markets represent a unique connection with the land and the people who work it. Every peach season, we look forward to our trips to local farmers markets and the chance to interact and educate our customers. It is our hope that these five tips will not only make your next trip to the farmers market more enjoyable, but also more engaging. We hope to see you at your local market!

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