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Peaches, peaches, peaches...

Peach season is in full swing out here on the Farm. Vans are pulling in the peach orchards with picking crews just as the sun is starting to rise. The packing house is running most days as we process the peaches and load trucks carrying them to destinations near and far. Our Farm store is welcoming customers looking for bags and boxes of peaches. Some will be making delicious recipes for tonight's dinner or dessert, some are filling their freezers with peaches to use throughout the year while others are just enjoying some time away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind as they sit in one of our rocking chairs and enjoy some of our homemade peach cobbler, creamy, dreamy ice cream or a cup of refreshing peach lemonade.
The common factor binding all this together is the “PEACH”. It's what has kept the Pearson family farming for more than 135 years…. the reason we all have jobs at Pearson Farm….. and why customers keep coming through our doors and looking for us at grocery stores and farmers markets. Peaches bring Pearson Farm to life. Everyone looks forward to the sights and sounds that come from the season, and OH, did I mention, the smells???? We love nothing more than the sweet smell of the packing house full of these little round, fuzzy gems except maybe, taking a bite of a peach that's perfectly ripe and leaves you with that sweet juice running down your chin.Since peaches are such an important part of Pearson Farm, we thought it might be fun to share some interesting facts you may not know…. The Peach originated in China and has been grown since 1000 B.C.E.  The Chinese culture has special significance for the peach because they believe peaches have mystical attributes and supposedly bring luck, abundance and protection.  The Peach tree is considered to be the tree of life, and peaches symbols of immortality and unity. Chinese brides even carry peach blossoms in their bouquets  Romans called peaches “Persian Apples”.  Columbus brought peach trees to America on his second and third voyages.  Peaches are a member of the rose family distinguished by their velvety skin.  There are over 700 varieties of peaches (we grow over 30 varieties at Pearson Farm)  Peaches are a good source of vitamins A, B, & C.  A medium peach contains only 37 calories.  The world's largest peach cobbler is cooked in Georgia, actually right down the road from Pearson Farm in Fort Valley and measures 11 feet by 5 feet.At Pearson Farm, peaches are the tie that binds, and we are grateful for everyone single one that is being picked, processed, bought, shipped, cooked and eaten this 2017 peach season. We hope you'll stop by often, and call or visit us on the web. They won't be hanging out for long this year so make your plans to call or visit today. We hope to see you soon.

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