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Our Story Begins

Our Pearson Farm "Family" story begins with our Farm Office. For many years, the offices located inside the packing house and a small trailer located in the parking lot were the only dedicated office spaces we had for the Farm. As time went by and our farm grew, it became apparent that we had to find more room for our growing "FAMILY." In the early 90's, we started exploring options to expand/ add more our office space. In 1994, Mr. Pearson bought the house next door and moved it across the fence onto the Farm property. Just so happens, this house was built by his parents, Lawton and Laurie right after they married. They paid $835 to have it built! The house was in disrepair after sitting empty for many years. But with loving thought, creative minds and strong backs, we were able to bring it back to life. A few years later, we added on and now it houses the "Heads" of our "FAMILY", literally and figuratively. Check back next week, when we start meeting the members of our "FAMILY" that call this beautiful office home......

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