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Old Hebron Church Part 4

PROGRESS (noun prog-res; verb pruh-gres) a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage, growth or development, forward or onward movement…… We started this JOURNEY with one goal in mind, saving the Old Hebron Church. We knew the PROGRESSION would be slow but the MOMENTUM would INCREASE as we made HEADWAY. It has been fun watching the EVOLUTION of this old building. The COURSE we have chosen has not always been an easy EXPEDITION. Some days have only seen a slow RISE in DEVELOPMENT while others, the PACE of GROWTH was quick. However, each day has brought us closer to our goal, the BETTERMENT of Hebron. The MOTION of the workers as they ADVANCE through each stage of the PROCESS is mesmerizing not to mention the DEVELOPMENTS that are UNFOLDING daily. We are taking a STEP FORWARD with each IMPROVEMENT. And as we give Hebron new life, we are giving a BOOST to Pearson Farm and our community. Hebron's renewal is bringing a BUILDUP of Hope, a PROMOTION of Family and a MOVEMENT of Life to Pearson Farm……. Don't you just love PROGRESS?     


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