The Old Hebron Church Part 3

The Old Hebron Church Part 3

Mr. Al and his sisters spent most of their growing up in Zenith. Their work, play and worship all happened in a 2-mile radius with Hebron being at the center of it all. They were the last generation of the Pearson family to attend Hebron and it certainly left its mark on them. Their stories are similar with many of their memories being the same…… sweet Mrs. Reed, carving soap during VBS, cooking lunch for the preacher, dinner on the ground, and Mr. Al always getting his head thumped during services. They fondly remember their daddy leading the music. Songs like “I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down In My Heart”, “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”, and “Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling”, being a few of their favorites. They were proud to share that their momma taught the only adult Sunday School class and kept the church records. All 3 spoke the same friends, family and neighbors names during our times together. “Home Folks” was the word that kept coming to my mind…… my momma always told me, “you take care of home folks like they're kin”, and I'm certain that the Pearsons followed this same theory as they shared stories of helping those in need. It is obvious that their roots are deep in this red dirt of Zenithland. I could share their stories along with those told by others all day long, but I've realized that what's more important than these memories, is the fact all these “Hebron children” share a foundation of faith that was instilled during their years attending this special little church. Ms. Peggy, Mr. Al's oldest sister wrote me a letter detailing her time spent at Hebron. Her words are true, beautiful and so heart felt. I'd like to share an excerpt of it with you today….“I was 9 years old and like Prissy in 'Gone With The Wind', when she lally-gagged up to Miss Scarlet's house, I walked up the aisle not knowing what I was doing, just sorted drifted up there and became a Methodist. I don't know whether Jesus came into my heart that day--- we sang the old song, “What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought when Jesus came into my heart”--- but I do know this about my faith, going to Hebron Church set a pattern in my life that never left me. We were THERE no matter what. We didn't think about whether we wanted to go, whether we felt like going, we went. It was as much a part of the week in the life of our family as sitting down together for meals. We were involved and needed. Hebron Church was of primary importance. Celebrations of the year were observed there, a rhythm of life established. I watched as people I knew and loved went through hardships, trials, grief. In particular, I remember Aunt Bessie Tribble, my grandfather John Pearson's sister. She lost a baby at birth, a son when he fell from a peach truck, a son in a wreck when he was a student at UGA, and finally her mate. I watched her as she knelt at the altar to take communion and somehow, I knew, even as a child, that she loved God and although she didn't choose her loss, she was in submission to her Lord's sovereignty in her life. That picture of her at the altar is still with me……… The life of the songs, the loyalty, faith, responsibility, family connections; the kindness, gentleness, forgiveness and acceptance all experienced, received and learned at Hebron Church are remembered, with so much gratitude, in my 77th year.”

Peggy Pearson Jerles


Peggy, Ann and Al Pearson   

Peggy, Ann and Al outside the church


Mrs Reed and her family at the church

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