While gifting at Christmas is the most popular occasion people choose to display gratitude and affection, there is no “right” or “wrong” time to be in the giving mood.   Intentional and strategic gift giving can build bridges and strengthen your relationships in the corporate arena just as it does in our private world.  Here are a few great occasions or reasons to surprise and delight clients, coworkers, and employees…

  1. WELCOME TO OUR TEAM:  If you’re introducing a new client to your business, the best way to be remembered is to come bearing gifts.  A small, simple gift can be the perfect ice breaker and set a positive tone for the working relationship.
  2. CLIENT’S ANNIVERSARY: There’s no better way to show your clients how much you value them, while showing off your uniqueness than with an unexpected appreciation gift.  Recognizing that you’ve been working together for one year (or more!) will certainly surprise and delight them.
  3. EMPLOYEE PROMOTION: Celebrate with your employees, by topping off their promotions with a thoughtful gift.  Enhancing the experience and showing them that you appreciate the work they’ve done to deserve the promotion will surely sweeten the deal.
  4. RETIREMENT: Retirement is always a time for celebration.  Why not top off their retirement, with a lavish gift celebrating their years of tireless work.  Whether you present the gift at their party or have it delivered to their home on their first day of retirement, going the extra mile will show how much you care.
  5. RETAINING A CLIENT: If you’re trying to sign up new clients or meeting with a regular client to retain their business, a corporate gift can go a long way.  Not everyone is giving them a personalized gift showing you mean long term business.  Bring it to the meeting with you or better yet, have it delivered after you leave.  This makes them think of you twice reinforcing your intent on maintaining a long term business relationship.
  6. CELEBRATING EMPLOYEES: Implementing an employee appreciation routine by bestowing a corporate gift on you employee of the month can increase work place morale and employee production.  If the gift is good enough, productivity will increase as your workers try to become the next employee of the month, so they can benefit from the corporate gifting.
  7. THANK YOU: What better way to say thank you than with a gift.  Whether you’re thanking a client, customer, employee or co-worker, a small gift, handwritten note or thoughtful gift addressed specifically to them will be a pleasant surprise.
  8. JUST BECAUSE: You don’t really need a reason to give a thoughtful gift to a client, customer, or employee, and doing it “just because” is a great way to keep you on their mind.  This type of corporate giving will strengthen and build your brand, reinforce the importance of your relationship and show appreciation even in the little things.

At Pearson Farm, we believe any time is the right time to send, thoughtful, authentic gifts to your clients, customers, and employees.  We would love to help you choose the perfect corporate gift for the relationship you are celebrating. 

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