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Momma Vicki

Webster defines Matriarch as, mother of a family, the most important woman in the family, the woman who dominates......Vicki is the matriarch of our Pearson Farm "FAMILY". She has been our "mom" for over 25 years. Vicki knows the location of every orchard, number of trees in every orchard and probably the number of leaves on every tree . She knows the vital statistics of our farm's production and keeps up with yields from every orchard along with the price of every peach and pecan sold. Just like all good mothers, she can locate all the members of her "FAMILY" at any given time of the day. She can account for every vehicle, harvester, sprayer, van, wagon and trailer on the Farm. She can recall the "FAMILY" history back several generations. Just like the mom of your family, Vicki takes care of all of us even keeping us in line if we tend to stray off course. Our Pearson Farm "FAMILY" is blessed to have a "mom" like you Vicki 

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