Lights, Camera, Go Nuts!

There has been a lot of excitement here at Pearson Farm. We have been shelling the last of the pecan harvest, preparing our usual mail order gift items and doing a bit of filming.That's right, we recently had a film crew here on the farm to take a tour of our pecan shelling facility. Al Pearson did the honors and gave the guys the cook's tour. He showed them the entire process of what happens to the nuts from the time they get brought in from the field.Some of you may recall a recent video we posted showing the pecan picking process. This new video will follow the life of the nuts the rest of the way into the bag.  We will be sure to let you know when the video is ready.The cameras also made a stop in Mary's Kitchen.  Mary and Lanier Pearson were busy filming recipes showing how easy it is to eat healthy with Pearson Farm peaches and pecans.  Soon you can see some of the Pearson Farm “secret recipes” on video.That's it for now but as always when something else comes up. We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, if you are looking for fresh Georgia Pecans or any of our prepared and ready to eat treats, you can find them here. Oh yes, one more thing…If you love chocolate, please note that you have got to order soon.  As the weather gets warm, we can't ship or it will melt.  Bye for now.
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