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Jose' and Maria

We chose Jose' and Maria to be our Thanksgiving interviewees this week. We hope you enjoy learning a little about these 2 sweet “FAMILY” members and what they are most thankful for this year……. Jose' has worked for Pearson Farm 30+ years. He started picking peaches when he came to the Farm all those years ago, and now is Mr. Al's right hand man when it comes to maintaining the equipment for the Peach Packing House and the Pecan Cleaning Plant. Through the wedding of his brother and her sister (who both worked at Pearson Farm), Jose' and Maria met, fell in love and married in 1999. Maria has worked for Pearson Farm 13 years. She worked on the production line grading peaches and pecans her first few years but has been baking in Mary's Kitchen the last four. Jose' and Maria both grew up in Mexico, so celebrating Thanksgiving was something they knew little to nothing about until they moved to the United States and had children. One of Maria's fondest memories is attending Thanksgiving parties with her kids at school when they were young. “They were always so excited to have us come and eat lunch with them on this special day.” Their excitement caused Jose' and Maria to want to learn more about this holiday. Isn't it funny, how the things our children are interested in become our interests too ???? They learned a lot about the holiday from their kids but even more from their journey to citizenship. I didn't know this fact, but the history of Thanksgiving is a pretty big part of the curriculum! Maria and Jose' state that Thanksgiving is a special day their family celebrates because they proudly live in the United States. They do not eat customary Thanksgiving food but have created their own traditions. Their Thanksgiving meal consists of ham, potato salad, green beans and they always add something traditional from Mexico. They spend the day cooking, eating and just being together. When I asked what they are most thankful for this year, their simple answer was so sweet it just melted my heart ….. “We have such a small family and are so far away from relatives that we feel so grateful to have our children. They are such a blessing!” Jose' and Maria, we are so grateful for all you do for Pearson Farm. We hope you and your family have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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