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Pecan Season is HERE!!

Pecan season has officially arrived at Pearson Farm. The ground is quaking from the vibrations of the pecan shakers, and the orchards are full of dust created by the sweepers, as they sweep the pecans into rows for the harvesters to pick up. Once the harvester's hopper is full, the nuts will be dumped into a red wagon and brought to the cleaning plant where they will be weighed, sorted, sized and graded before they are placed in bags to be shipped, shelled, or turned into delicious treats from Mary's Kitchen. Mr. Al spent some time this week following our tractors, shakers, sweepers and harvesters. He was able to capture these up close and personal videos of our farm equipment in action. We hope you enjoy his videos allowing a little peek into the harvesting process.....It's Raining Pecans VideoLet the Sweeping Begin VideoThe Harvester and Hopper Video

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