Hugo and Nancy

Hugo and Nancy

 Hugo was following in his father's footsteps when he came to work at Pearson Farm. He had been working construction and landscaping jobs in his hometown of Zacatecas. His father had been working at Pearson Farm for over 18 years, and Hugo knew that one day he would have a family and would want to be able to take care of them as his dad had taken care of him and his sisters. So in 2011, Hugo made his first trip to Pearson Farm to work peach season. Nancy came to Pearson Farm to work the 2012 peach season with her sister and brother in law. Nancy is from a small village in Jalisco but she was no stranger to traveling to work between Mexico and the United States. This was however, her first trip to Pearson Farm. The two met here at the Farm and quickly became friends. They would talk during break and lunch times and see each other at gatherings on their days off. Nancy liked Hugo, he was so sweet and caring. Hugo thought Nancy was beautiful…. And so what started as a friendship, turned into a summer romance. All too soon, peach season came to an end and Nancy had to return to her home in Mexico. Hugo was working here full time and living on the Farm so they continued their relationship long distance during the fall and winter by talking on the phone almost daily and writing letters making plans for Nancy's return the next peach season. Nancy came back for the 2013 season and they picked up right where they left off. Breaks and lunches while they worked, movies, dinner and shopping on their days off. When peach season ended, she decided to stay on and work pecan season too. When the season was over, Hugo accompanied Nancy to her hometown for Christmas and to meet her family. Nancy's birthday was coming up at the end of the year and Hugo had big plans to make the day extra special…..his wedding proposal made it a day they will never forget. At the first of the year, Nancy returned with Hugo to Pearson Farm all the while, making plans for their wedding. During their vacation time at the end of December 2014, they were married in her hometown in Mexico. They returned in 2015 with plans to make the United States their home. They moved in with Hugo's father and both continued working at Pearson Farm. Today, they are still here working hard. Nancy works as a peach and pecan grader and Hugo runs our box line during peach season and drives a tractor and other farm equipment during pecan season. They are expecting their first child in October. Hugo is relieved to be here where he feels that his family is safe and blessed to have a job that allows him to provide for his growing family. I wonder if either of these two young people ever imagined that they would find true love in a fuzzy, sweet, packing house located on the rusty, old dirt of a farm in Zenith, Georgia?? Hugo and Nancy, we are so happy that you found your way to Pearson Farm and to each other. We can hardly wait to meet your sweet baby!!

     Photo credits (Ashlee Culverhouse Photography)

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