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When you are a fruit and nut farmer and the success of your crop depends on many factors you cannot control, prayer and HOPE are as important to you as the equipment you use and workers you employ. As we make preparations to enter the 2017 Peach Season, we find ourselves relying heavily on prayer and HOPE. So, how interesting is it that one night a few weeks ago, Mr. Al and Ms. Mary were sitting down to dinner and their conversation turned to HOPE. Ms. Mary shared with Mr. Al that when her sister was in Scotland a few years ago, she found their family's motto, “Dum spiro spero” which in Latin means “While I breathe, I HOPE.”
These words really struck a cord with Mr. Al. So, he decided to google them and found that many families throughout history have used this as their motto and that Ms. Mary's family (The Clan MacLennan) was actually the 2nd family listed and as he scrolled through the list of names, he surprisingly found the Pearson family listed as well. (after 44 years of marriage, this was a sweet reminder that they were meant to be together.) Something about these words, While I breathe, I HOPE” just wouldn't leave him alone, so he has decided to adopt “Dum spiro spero” as Pearson Farm's motto for the 2017 Peach Season.As peaches are a crop dependent on several factors that growers have no control over (frost, chill hours, hail), we must have HOPE and faith that things will work out and that there will be a crop to tend and sell. Without HOPE, a farmer would not plant trees and do everything it takes to prepare for the work to come. Because the first requirement (sufficient chill hours) has not been satisfied for our 2017 Peach Crop, we HOPE to overcome the deficit with different varieties, cultural practices, and a spray…. then we HOPE for no frost (if we have blooms)….then no hail…..HOPEfully, etc….gotta have HOPE before anything else…. Every Year!Romans 12:12 Rejoice in HOPE, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. 

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