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We've Been Here Since Moses

Some of you know that Pearson Farm has been farming in Crawford County Georgia for a long time. Many of you are aware that the Pearson family has been growing peaches and pecans for five consecutive family generations. But I would guess that very few of you know that we have been here since Moses. Moses Winlock “Lockie” Pearson to be exact.Moses “Lockie” Pearson and his wife, Cornelia Emory “Emma”, settled in Crawford county Georgia after crossing the Flint River and planted the first peach trees for the Pearson family in 1885.  They considered the duties involved in farming the land as honorable and God given privileges, as much then as they are today.While a lot has changed in the 132 years since Moses planted our first trees, just as much has remained the same. The Pearson's are as committed as ever to protecting the land, feeding families and producing the highest quality products available. Nowadays, you can even get freshly made pies, cakes and cookies sent straight from Mary's Kitchen. Everything is from our farm to your table just like they did way back when.Today Pearson Farm is operated by Al and his son Lawton Pearson, the fifth generation Pearson. Al and Lawton continue to grow peach trees and they also farm many acres of pecans. It may only be a rumor that Moses Pearson settled in Georgia to “Let my people grow”. But one thing is certain about the Pearson Family legacy, we are still “growing strong” after 132 years.

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