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Head(s) of the Pearson Farm FAMILY House

Mr. Al and Lawton are the 4th and 5th generation farmers of the Pearson Family. They are the literal head of the Pearson Farm "FAMILY." Like the generations before them, they plant, harvest, clean and ship peaches and pecans that are grown on the same land and in much the same way that their grandfathers farmed. Mr. Al began operating the farm as Big 6 Farm, a partnership effort owned by him and his 2 sisters, and they farmed together for 35 years. After finishing law school, Lawton chose to return to the farm, and he and Mr. Al purchased the business in 2008. Since then, they have been working this land and sharing their bounty with others. Mr. Al states that "we are blessed with a strong family, honored to have friends, happy to have visitors and committed to providing good things in good measure. Visit us whenever and however you can."

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