Happy Mother's Day Ms. Mary

Happy Mother's Day Ms. Mary

Since we are celebrating Mothers this weekend, we felt it was only appropriate to highlight "Ms. Mary" for this weeks post. Ms. Mary is wife to the 4th generation Pearson farmer, Mr. Al and mother of our 5th generation farmer, Lawton and his 2 sisters, Mary Katherine and Laurie. Ms. Mary didn't grow up on a farm but she has embraced the lifestyle her husband introduced her to 44 years ago so much so that a stranger could never tell that she wasn't raised in the dirt of Zenithland.

In the early years, Mr. Al spent his days growing peaches and pecans, while Ms. Mary turned the fruits of his labor into delicious cakes, pies, cookies and jellies for her family and friends to enjoy. She loved being able to send peaches and pecans along with her scrumptious baked goods as "thank you's" or "housewarming gifts" and knew that others would as well. She began creating delicious recipes that she could make with her husband's wonderful peaches and pecans as well as finding beautiful boxes, tins and baskets to ship these special gifts. It was in these moments, that the Pearson Farm Gift Order business was born.

In 1996, she opened the first retail location of Pearson Farm. Ms. Mary carefully selected the sweetest peaches and perfect pecans from the orchard and began packing and shipping them for family, friends and businesses. Eventually, the Pearson Farm Gift Order Department was moved to the Farm where it still operates today. It is Ms. Mary's desire that every box, basket or bag that leaves Pearson Farm be treated with individual care and attention and a beautifully tied bow is called for on most gifts.

Now that her children are grown and her lap is full and running over with grandchildren, Ms. Mary has taken a step back from the day to day operations of our Gift Order Department. HOWEVER, she is constantly working on new recipes and beautiful ways to package the gifts we make from the peaches and pecans that we grow. She is actively involved in marketing the products for our Gift Order business and loves to spend time in our kitchen cooking, in the shipping room tying bows and bubble wrapping, and she's even been seen planting beautiful flowers around the farm.We attribute much of the growth and success of Pearson Farm to Ms. Mary's great taste, impeccable style, generous soul and loving heart. She has cared for, raised, nurtured, modeled, and loved our Gift Order Department much like she did her own 3 smart, beautiful and successful children. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY "MS. MARY"!!!
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