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Pearson Farm "FAMILY" Friday....... This week I met Emigdio.  He is another long timer who first came to Pearson Farm with the H2A program. He works for Lawton and has many responsibilities here at the Farm. He drives spray trucks, works on irrigation, pulls peach and pecan wagons as well as runs harvesters and tractors. Emigdio is from a very small village in Zacatecas, Mexico called Hacienda Guadalupe. He has a small farm in this village where he raised a few horses and cows and grew corn and beans. There are really no jobs to speak of in his village and many years he had to sell some of his livestock to make ends meet. When his cousin told him about Pearson Farm, he jumped at the chance to come work. He worried about providing for his family and knew that coming to the United States would give him an opportunity that he would not have at home. For 13 years, every January he traveled to Pearson Farm, and would stay and work until August. There were even a few years that he came back in September and stayed until December to work Pecan season. All the while, his family was in Mexico taking care of his farm. Emigidio's brother came to the United States many years ago and settled down in Chicago and eventually became a US Citizen. Recently, he petitioned the government on Emigdio's behalf for a Green Card so he could live and work here full time and bring his family to the United States. In late 2015, the petition was granted and Emigidio received his Green Card. He sold his livestock, rented his farmland and moved his family to their new home here at Pearson Farm. His son was able to get a job here on the Farm and his daughter is attending the 9th Grade at our local school. It has been quite an adjustment for Emigdio's family but one that he is glad to be making. Pearson Farm has given him the opportunity to work and provide a better life and future for his children. Edmigdio talks about the "Good People" here. He even told me that he plans to stay here until he retires.....sounds like a plan Edmigdio!!!

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