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Cort and his class visit Pearson Farm

We had a different Pearson hosting activities out here on the Farm today. Cort invited his 1st Grade class to come pick peaches. He brought 31 of his closest friends to learn how his daddy and granddaddy spend their time every day. His daddy told them all about the many varieties of sweet Georgia peaches we grow. “There's a little something different about each one, just like each of you”, Lawton shared before giving each child a sticker with their new “peach” name. They learned how to tell when a peach is ripe and the best way to pick them right off the tree. By the time the bus pulled out of the orchard, their baskets were full and running over with our fuzzy, sweet peaches. Cort's granddaddy met them in the packing house, where he told story after story of his life growing up here on the Farm. They had plenty of questions, especially about the sizes of the peaches and pecans. He even blessed everyone with a beautiful song about Zenithland. They enjoyed their lunches and OF COURSE, a cup of our home made peach ice cream while waiting on the packing house to start running. I thought we got excited when the lines start, but these 1st graders put us to shame!! They had this old packing house rocking as they anxiously waited on Vince to dump that first bin of the day. It was a fun morning. Thank you Cort for being such a gracious host, thank you for sharing your knowledge about peaches and especially the cold room, but above all, thank you for sharing your friends with Pearson Farm. Like we say around our house, friends are family too……. 


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