Corporate Gifting 101

Corporate Gifting 101


If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the people responsible for ordering and sending gifts for your company's client and/or customer roster this year. Lucky you! 

Whether you’re new to the corporate gifting world, or a seasoned pro, this year’s holiday shopping offers new challenges. So, what’s the best way to successfully show your appreciation in 2022?

There are a variety of factors to consider: the new hybrid workforce, supply chain concerns, and the ever-present question, what is the best gift for these fine folks? 

Here’s a few pointers on how to master corporate gift-giving. 

#1 Just Get Started!

Let’s face it, the hardest part is getting started. Make a list of the businesses that will receive gifts from your company. Then determine if more than one person at that office will be receiving a gift. In other words, do you need to send an individual gift, or gifts for multiple people to enjoy? Once you’ve gathered your recipient names and addresses, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gifts.

#2 Place your order early!

HINT – you are probably already behind! But seriously, if you haven’t heard about the potential slowdowns expected during this holiday shopping season, may we be the first to tell you to order as soon as you can. The worldwide supply chain slowdown could have an effect on many corporate holiday gifts. Confirming availability and ordering early are your best strategies for getting ahead of the slowdown. Another great solution is to look for products made, grown, or otherwise produced in the USA. While there may still be slowdowns for some domestic products, not crossing an ocean is one less hurdle to being in-stock and read-to-ship.

#3 Choose the ideal arrival time. 

If you’re sending to the office, we suggest sending gifts the week prior to the holiday at the latest. Many office workers take paid leave during the holidays, often starting the week before Christmas. And even those offices that stay open through the holidays often do so with limited staff. So make sure you have them shipped by the week of December 13. 

#4 Ship to home this year? 

Consider sending the gifts to the home of the recipient instead of their office. COVID concerns have forced the closure of many offices through the end of the year, while others operate with limited staff. While it does take a bit of effort to get the home addresses of employees or clients, that extra mile can make a difference and add a personal touch. Allow time in your schedule to acquire correct home addresses. 

#5 Give the gift that keeps on munching. 

Everyone loves snacks around the holidays, especially seasonal treats they may not indulge in at other times of the year. The three o’clock snack gift is a classic–but also consider edible presents that can be served during mealtimes, parties, and family gatherings. Pies, cakes, charcuterie board items, and speciality meats are some great examples. 

#6 Personal Gifts, Simplified

There are two ways to add a personal touch to your gift. You could spend hours stuffing envelopes, packing boxes, and taping shipping labels. Or, you could simplify the process by having the retailer ship the gifts for you. Find retailers who will insert company cards or notes in packages to keep a personal touch. 

#7 Find a Retailer Who Checks Every Box On Your Wishlist

Looking for a retailer who can help you execute these tips? Who offers delivery with a personal touch, a variety of edible items, and makes it easy to get started? For gift-giving ideas that are sure to be a holiday hit, check out our Pearson Farm Corporate Gift Page, with sweet and savory variety packs of our signature flavored pecans, and delicious treats from Mary’s Kitchen prepared right here on the farm. They make the perfect gifts for snack time and beyond. Contact us for custom orders!

Get gifting with Pearson Farm! 

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