We've been in the gift giving business for over 20 years; baking delicious treats, wrapping beautiful boxes and, of course, tying more bows on our customers packages than we could begin to count.  But it wasn't until the last few years that we stepped back and took a look at our own gift giving practices.  We talk to thousands of customers every year who are choosing the perfect gifts for their family, friends, neighbors, customers and employees, yet we were not giving our own gifts.   

After some thoughtful conversation, we decided that it was time for Pearson Farm to start practicing what we were preaching.   And you know what; we found out that our customers really appreciated our acknowledgement of their business.  In fact, every customer we sent a thank you gift that first year, maintained their business with Pearson Farm the following year. 

The next year we decided to expand our giving circle and sent gifts to our vendors as well.  In turn, many of them paid it forward by sending their customer’s gifts from Pearson Farm.  We were able to see firsthand the powerful and contagious effects gratitude produced. And while we truly enjoy helping our customers with their gift giving, our hearts were bursting as we found wonderful ways to thank OUR customers, share sweet holiday greetings with OUR families and surprise OUR special friends with “just because” sentiments. 

This reflection on ourselves has truly taught us a lesson in gratitude, making us better employers, better friends, better neighbors and showing us the best way to help our customers communicate beautiful messages to the important people in their lives. 

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