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2020 Peach Season

We made it through the 2020 Peach Season and what a season it was! From implementing new peach packing procedures,to adding an outdoor area for our Farm store, this season saw unprecedented changes.  We accepted the challenges placed before us, and were blessed with one of the largest peach seasons on record at Pearson Farm.   

As usual, we had a crew of high school and college kids spending their summer vacation with us. They labeled packages and loaded shipping trucks.  They made mile high ice cream cones, and carried a LOT of peach boxes.  Their days were long, their tasks were tedious, but their smiles were many and their attitudes fantastic! Some were veterans,  while others were just taking that first step into the summer job world.  We hope you had the opportunity to meet a few of them. In total, we had 21 kids who chose to spend their summer with us, and we couldn't have done it without them!

They have all left for their respective high schools and colleges.  We miss them already.  We are praying for a safe and healthy school year for each of them....and we hope to see them next year at Pearson Farm!

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  • So happy you had a very good season. Can’t wait to enjoy those delicious peaches. Looking forward to the great , wonderful tasting pecans. Will place my order in a couple of weeks. Thank you for remembering me.Sincerely HattiePatterson

    Hattie Patterson

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