The Cleaning Plant

The Cleaning Plant

Since we had such a huge response from Mr. Al's videos last week, we thought we would share a few more pictures of the pecan harvesting process here at Pearson Farm.  Once the wagons are filled with pecans from the harvesters, they are pulled by tractor over a pit where the nuts, sticks, dirt, and rocks are dumped to begin the pre-cleaning process.


After the nuts are separated, they travel through a series of belts and conveyors to continue the cleaning process. They are separated by variety, size and weight. Eventually, the pecans make their way to the grading belt. Here a group of ladies hand grade the nuts to ensure only the best make it into the super sacks.


Each super sack holds approximately 1650 lbs. The super sacks are housed in one of our warehouses until they are placed on trucks to be shipped to nut shellers, grocery stores, and other vendors all over the world.           

We do save some for us to shell and bag for sale in our Farm Store and on our website. Many will find their way into Mary's Kitchen where they will be roasted, toasted, and coated with deliciousness or baked into cookies, cakes and pies.

We hope you have enjoyed this mini trip through our pecan harvest...... Please check back with us next week, as we begin to share some special thoughts about Thanksgiving from our Pearson Farm "FAMILY"        
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