Allergy Test Kits

Allergy Test Kits

Food allergies are a scary reality for many in our society.  According to the CDC, over 50 million Americans suffer from them, with nut allergies being the most common.  Nut Allergies are also among the most common food allergies related to anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening reaction that impairs your breathing and sends your body into shock.

Over the last few years, we have become aware of these facts and maybe more significantly, we have learned that farms that grow and process nuts that are not cross-contaminated with other nuts are few and far between. It took our customers, reaching out in hopes of finding safe nuts, for us to realize this somber reality.

Pearson Farm is proud to be able to offer pecans that have not been cross contaminated with other nuts so, as calls increased, we saw the need to develop an Allergen Test Kit to offer customers looking for nuts to use in food challenges.  The ½ pound of in-shell pecans are a sufficient amount to be used in the testing process, the nut cracker makes getting into the nuts easier and the price point is affordable for our customers at only $7!

Recently we reached out to a number of customers who had purchased the Allergen Test Kit.  We wanted to get a follow up on their food challenges, and also see if the kit had been helpful with their test.  We honestly were overwhelmed with the response.  Pearson Farm is proud to have been growing premium pecans for over 135 years; learning that their value goes beyond quality and taste is the cherry on top.  We are blessed knowing that the fruits of our labor are helping others during a frightening process, and honored to provide safe nuts for their consumption once they have been cleared. We would like to share a few of these product reviews in hopes that these customer's experiences will be helpful to others who find themselves facing similar situations. If you or someone you know is facing a scary food allergy and getting ready to participate in a food challenge with nuts, we encourage you to give us a call.  Our customer service representatives are always happy to talk with you about our pecans and offer reassurance for what we understand can be a very intimidating time.  

** Loved the nut allergy package.  We used it to successfully do a home pecan challenge with our son (under the advice and direction of his allergist).  I didn't want to order a huge quantity in case we weren't able to use them and I needed pecans that weren't processed with other nuts.    I also didn't own a nut cracker, so the fact that it came with that, was a bonus.   Since my son's successful challenge, we have gone on to order more pecans from Pearson's.  The quality of the nuts is great and the flavors are wonderful.  Thank you for providing this service!  Katie from Minnesota

** We were thrilled to be able to order the Allergy Test Kit for pecans! Talk about convenience! It gave us the reassurance that our child's pecans would not have cross-contact with any other nuts during his pecan challenge. We are thankful for companies like yours for going the extra step to help customers like us!! He passed the challenge, having overcome his pecan allergy, and he is now enjoying his new food!  Paulette from Texas

** The allergy test kit was exactly what we needed for my daughter's food challenge! There were plenty of nuts for the test. The allergist and nurses were amazed. They have never seen an allergy test kit before! It made things much easier for them and the prep time was cut down. I would definitely recommend this kit! The nuts, themselves, were delicious. We will be purchasing from your farm again in the future!  Thank you,  Beth from Georgia

** Hello,   I am happy to report that thanks to your Allergy Test Kit my son passed the pecan challenge!  He is still allergic to peanuts, so your test kit was really the only way we could do a pecan food challenge, as any other pecans I can find in the stores have been processed on shared equipment or may contain peanuts.  It was fun for my kids to get to experience cracking open the pecans - something they have never done before!  And since he passed the pecan challenge we are happy Pearson Farm customers to order pecans that we can feel safe about him eating.  So I am happy to thank you not only for the test kit, but also for having pecans that are peanut free for our enjoyment!  You can feel free to share my comments with anyone you would like - it's the least I can do to help spread the word, as finding peanut free pecans isn't easy!    Susie from Virginia

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Omg I came to this page because a mom on the peanut and treenut allergy moms support group recommended you guys!! And you guys have an allergen Kit!!! I am in tears. My son is allergic to peanuts so we’ve avoided all nuts. But I didn’t want to be in fear, and if he wasn’t allergic to the other nuts I’d want him to have them!(if they weren’t mixed with other ones for cross contamination). Seriously wow, thank you for doing this! I will recommend you guys from now on! I am PRAYING he passes this challenge!! Because pecans are amazing, and so is butter pecan ice cream!


Thank you so much for your allergy test kit! It is challenge finding nuts that aren’t packaged or processed on shared equipment with other tree nuts and peanuts. You were so kind and helpful when I reached out to ask questions. Our daughter passed her pecan food challenge, but is allergic to peanuts. We are thankful to be able to order delicious pecans (that are peanut free) from Pearson Farms. Bless you & thank you!

Thank you so much for offering a allergy test kit!

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